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100 tabs (1mg/tab)
Anastrozole Dragon Pharma, known as Arimidex, is used to protect against estrogen side effects. AAS products have the ability to convert testosterone in estrogen, which leads to gynecomastia and excess of water retention.more



Active Substance: Anastrozole

Names: Arimidex, Anastrozole, Anazole.

Anastrozole Dragon Pharma, known as Arimidex, is used to treat breast cancer, to prevent breast cancer, and as an aromatase inhibitor that blocks the creation of estrogen.

Anabolic users use it to protect against estrogen side effects. A lot of AAS products can convert testosterone in estrogen, which can lead to gynecomastia and excess of water retention. Water retention can lead to high blood pressure. Such products are Danabol, all forms of Boldenone, Testosterone, and Nandrolone.

That is why anabolic users use it during the cycle. It is one of the most effective products against gynecomastia and water retention. And it is not recommended during the PCT because it doesn't stimulate testosterone production.

Side effects: altered mood, nausea, hot flashes, and joint pain. More severe side effects are osteoporosis and increased risk of heart disease. It is contraindicated in pregnant women, could harm the baby.


  • For breast cancer - 1mg per day until cancer subsides.
  • For steroid users - 0.5 - 1mg every other day.


I tend to retain water, but not when I’m on this. Nice product.
Great product to fight the gyno
A must for cycles. I totally trust dragon when it comes to orals
Aramidex good for PTC you must try
Oh dragon pharma i miss all your stuff
one of the best post cycles ive used
Good stuff. Is as advertised.
Works as needed. Wish it came in smaller doses.
Definitely works as I noticed a higher t balance. Near no estrogen “side effects” present after a week of using
seems to do the job... no nipple sensitivity or side effects