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Good stuff. I had a lot of experience with Apidra (very fast acting insulin) before I started using Humulin R. I find that I must use less Humulin than I would if I was using apidra. This stuff feels stronger. With the aprida, I used 20 IU immediately post workout, but with Humulin, I have never gone above 14 IU immediately post workout. Keep in mind that Humulin kicks in fully in about 30-40 mins, but can last as long as 4 hours. With the 14 IU dose that I use, I make sure to consumer 100 grams of liquid carbs within 30 minutes of the injection. Keep in mind that I'm also using HGH, so if I wasn't using HGH, I would have to use less insulin. Start off with 2 IU, and slowly taper up. of that Be careful, and keep a sugar source near by.

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