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Odin Dianabol 20 US

100 tabs (20 mg/tab)
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Man this makes me eat you out of your house
Love this stuff! I don't really get the bloat that people talk about. I did get back pumps and cramps through our my body. I take potassium and then I'm good. Will get you a nice size in a short time frame. A little strong. I cut 1 in half and do it 3x a day.
Only 2.5 weeks in and I can definitely tell it works
A very strong D-bol. I only had to cut one of these in half and take them. It made them last longer plus I got the full effects from it still.
I've gotten great results from each and every Odin product I've ordered
Recommend the higher dose. Gains were minimal. Switched to Odin deca and put on 10lbs.