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J**m B*****s
Great Service Quick Delivery. Will Order more soon
J*m B***s
Great Service Quick Delivery. Quality Product .. I will Order more soon
J*m B*****s
Quality is good so Far I have been on for almost 3 months.
An******ew Ma******es
It's only been a few days, at 6iu per day. I do notice some very obvious ankle swelling, which is typical when I use HGH. I will write another review after month 2.
An*****ew Ma********es
Very expensive, but good product. This doesn't come with a pen. You need to push the plunger down, with something like a pencil eraser, very hard, in order to get the water in the upper chamber to mix with the powder in the lower chamber. Then you just stick an insulin needles into the bottom, and suck out how many I.U.'s you need. It's tricky the first time, but extremely easy once you get the hang of it. Its excellent, pharmaceutical grade, American (Pfizer) HGH, but once again, the price is extremely high. You are always better off buying steroids, rather than HGH. HGH is a very overrated drug, and is not a miracle muscle builder. You will also need at least 4-6 I.U.'s per day to get decent results. While the ankle swelling will likely become apparent on the first day of use, the actual muscle growth will not be noticeable for several months. If you are going to do HGH, Purchase enough to go on a cycle of at least 6 months, in order to get real results. (expect to get some acne on your shoulders and back.) I like to use 4 I.U. immediately post workout, together with 14 IU's of Humalog insulin. I also use T4 (not T3) at 200MCG per day. HGH must be used with T-4 (Synthroid) and preferably with insulin. This is because HGH raises your blood sugar, and hinders your bodies ability to make natural t4. You should do a lot of research before using a protocol like this. Hope the info helps.
Expensive, however easy to mix by plunging rubber cap down with pencil or similar, easy to store in fridge and dose using small syringe... I actually think its easier this way than using the pen device that this refil is actually designed for.
good quality pure original product, did nt encounter side effects after 2 months usage...

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