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Roaccutane 20 30 tabs x 20 mg

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If you're using this as a bodybuilder (as opposed to a person with extreme acne issues) this dose is a bit too high. 20mg isn't necusarry. Since these are gell caps, you definitely can't cut them in half. What I do is take one cap, every other day. So far, my shoulder, and back acne has improved a bit. The side effects of this drug can be harsh (specifically liver), so don't abuse this powerful drug.
I love this product. took care of my bacne very well.
Very good product. I have issues with acne on my shoulders and upper back, every time I do a cycle. This is very embarrassing and you are advertising to everyone that you're on gear. Roaccutane is the only thing that has worked for me. This drug works very slowly, so you won't get results for a few weeks. You take one pill, every other day. They say it's harsh on your liver, so be careful. I've been on this stuff for about two months and I have zero acne on my body. I'll never do another cycle without this stuff.
I never cycle without roaccutane. Nothing worse than acne all over your shoulders. With this pill, once ever other day, you won't have that issue.

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