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SP Tropin 10iu 1 x 10 IU 3.3mg


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J***m B****s
worked well...Bloodwork showed it was HGH
this is a very small dosage. need to purchase multiple
Th******re J
Unable to stay on the recommended cycle to see results. SP, and Balkan brand products are always a go to for me though
D***n Vu******lj
It is legit stuff, works fine. However I couldn't handle the water retention anymore.
Al******rt Ro********on
I hate the design of the rubber stopper. It's so thick that its actually hard to get the needle into it. And you always end up with a few i.U.'s of liquid stuck in the vial. It's a good product, and low cost, but I can't understand why they'd use such a horrible vial design.
Al****rt Ro******on
I always buy this brand because the price is very reasonable. Good stuff.
Ch***********er Fr*********ck
Excellent growth product. Need a lot of vials to reach goals
Ch*********er Fr*******ck
Great growth product. Need to purchase multiple vials to achieve desired result
Al*****rt Ro******on
Great stuff for a very low price. I'm not crazy about the stopper design but that's a small issue. I've used countless vials of this stuff so far.

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