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The bodybuilders have found that Oxarox Zerox, during the cutting faze, offers lean muscle mass, cuts body fat, and increases strength with a good diet and exercise.more

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Active Substance: Oxandrolone

Common names: Oxanabol, Anavar, Oxandrin, Var

Oxarox Zerox, known as Oxandrin and Anavar is one of the most popular and safes. In medicine, it is used for weight gain after surgery or trauma, support for recovery from severe burns, bone pain treatment due to the osteoporosis, etc. The bodybuilders have found that Oxarox, during the cutting faze, offers lean muscle mass, cuts body fat, and increases strength with a good diet and exercise.

It is one of the most used product by the women, it also known as "The Girl Steroid", but is really good and for men. It doesn't aromatize and no water retention, that it is why with this product you don't receive massive muscle mass but solid, lean and easy to keep after the cycle.

Oxarox Zerox has very good proprieties of strength increase, enhances recovery, and muscular endurance. That is why Oxarox is much appreciated along with athletes.

Side effects of Oxarox Zerox:

  • Acne
  • increase hair growth
  • voice changes
  • increased sexual desire
  • high blood pressure
  • cholesterol

Administration of Oxarox Zerox:

  • For men - the most common dosage is 20-30mg per day, but for a more effective cycle is 40-50mg per day. More experienced users use 80-100mg per day, but remember the higher dosage, the higher chance of side effects.
  • For women - 5-10mg per day, this dosage is enough to receive the desired results.
  • The length of both men and women is 6-8 weeks.


Very good product, works as advertised
Nice quality muscle with a little strength in there as well.
Gave me some lean mass and got me a bit leaner.
Very good product, got some nice clean gains, very good for keeping what you have during the off season.
Does what it's supposed to do.
Leaned me up and built some quality muscle!
the highest quality of gear i ever buy
Best quality and product ever!!
Worked great.. And fast delivery.
Very good for getting leaner. Nice lean gains as well!