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How your diet can affect your testosterone levels

A frequent question asked by a lot of persons is how to increase your testosterone levels with a diet. One thing is clear while searching the specialty literature that between testosterone and a diet there is a complicated relationship. For example, macronutrients have different effects on testosterone, on short term there is an effect and the same nutrient has another effect on the long term. During a research when healthy men with normal testosterone levels took a drink with glucose they had an instant decrease of testosterone levels that last two hours. From this experiment, the researchers set the conclusion that the simple carbohydrates consumption increases the levels of glucose in the blood are bad for the testosterone levels.



Clenbuterol is a good choice to start a cutting cycle or to loose fat if you overweight and need to get the fat off. A weight loss plan based on Clenbuterol is very effective but is more efficient if it is integrated with weight loss exercises and a healthy meal programme. It is not enough to administrate clenbuterol and wait to get the fat melted, the main thing is to try to change your lifestyle, to practice sports and eat a healthy meal. If following this clenbuterol diet along with a healthy lifestyle it will be very easy to loose weight and have a shaped body and you wish.


How to Preserve your Muscles after a Steroid Cycle

Many bodybuilders use steroids to increase their muscle mass and to build a perfect body shape, during a steroid cycle the muscles have a fast growth, but at the end of the cycle a part of the muscles goes away. This consequence can not be stopped, but there is a way to reduce them and try to preserve a great part of your muscle mass. First we will talk about some processes that happen in the body system during the steroids cycle, this is about: hormone levels, recovery process is faster after the training sessions, nutrients are being faster processed by the body.