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SP Enanthate SP Enanthate
$45.00 Out of stock
SP Cypionate SP Cypionate
$40.00 Out of stock
SP Propionate SP Propionate
$35.00 Out of stock
SP Sustanon SP Sustanon
$50.00 Out of stock
SP Stanoject SP Stanoject
$55.00 Out of stock
SP Primobol SP Primobol
$90.00 Out of stock
SP Parabolan SP Parabolan
$95.00 Out of stock
SP Supertest SP Supertest
$65.00 Out of stock
SP Masteron SP Masteron
$70.00 Out of stock
Equipoise Boldenona-E Equipoise Boldenona-E
$65.00 Out of stock
Equipoise Boldenona-E 400 Equipoise Boldenona-E 400
$95.00 Out of stock
Trenbolone Enanthate 100 Trenbolone Enanthate 100
$80.00 Out of stock
Trenbolone Forte 200 Trenbolone Forte 200
$100.00 Out of stock
Trenbolone 75 Trenbolone 75
$75.00 Out of stock
Trenbolone Mix 150 Trenbolone Mix 150
$105.00 Out of stock
SP Supertren SP Supertren
$120.00 Out of stock
SP Cut-Stack SP Cut-Stack
$90.00 Out of stock
SP Drostanol SP Drostanol
$85.00 Out of stock
SP Oral Tren SP Oral Tren
$25.00 Out of stock
SP Cabergolin SP Cabergolin
$40.00 Out of stock
SP Lipo-Fire SP Lipo-Fire
$50.00 Out of stock
SP Gonadotropin 5000 SP Gonadotropin 5000
$20.00 Out of stock
SP Gonadotropin 1000 SP Gonadotropin 1000
$6.00 Out of stock
SP Tropin 10iu SP Tropin 10iu
$40.00 Out of stock

SP Laboratory is a pharm grade pharmaceutical manufacturer that produces injectable and oral drugs. They use the most performant equipment and raw materials. The personal is highly experienced and with university degrees.
The SP Lab is a new company but with big potential.

It is very known amount bodybuilders and athletes due to the quality of the products and effectiveness. At the moment they produce androgenic hormones (testosterone, trenbolone, methandienone, stanozolol, clenbuterol), Human grade hormone (somatropin) and human chorionic hormone (gonadotropin).

Here you can buy original products from SP Laboratory. All have UPIC codes and an expiration date that can be checked on the official website.

UPIC code check: upic.sp-laboratory.com

The official website: sp-laboratory.com

BalkanPharm is the official supplier of SP Laboratory. The information can be checked here: sp-laboratory.com/antypiracy.html

Here are some links to the tests that have been made by a lab:
1. Equipoise - Boldenone - anaboliclab.com/lab-results/brand-name/sp-laboratory/sp-laboratory-equipoise-lab-test-results-2016-10-31/
2. SP Enanthate - anaboliclab.com/lab-results/brand-name/sp-laboratory/sp-laboratory-sp-enanthate-lab-test-results-2016-09-21/
3. Stanozol - anaboliclab.com/lab-results/brand-name/sp-laboratory/sp-laboratory-stanozol-lab-test-results-2016-05-06/
4. Nandrolone-D - anaboliclab.com/lab-results/brand-name/sp-laboratory/sp-laboratory-nandrolone-d-lab-test-results-2016-04-25/
5. Trenbolone Forte - anaboliclab.com/lab-results/brand-name/sp-laboratory/sp-laboratory-trenbolone-forte-200-lab-test-results-2016-04-14/