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Test E - Enandrol Test E - Enandrol
$30.00 Out of stock
Testosterona E - Enandrol 10ml Testosterona E - Enandrol 10ml
$45.00 Out of stock
Test C - Cipandrol Test C - Cipandrol
$30.00 Out of stock
Testosterona C - Cipandrol 10ml Testosterona C - Cipandrol 10ml
$42.00 Out of stock
Test P - Propandrol Test P - Propandrol
$21.00 Out of stock
Testosterona P - Propandrol 10ml Testosterona P - Propandrol 10ml
$35.00 Out of stock
Sustamed - Sustandrol Sustamed - Sustandrol
$30.00 Out of stock
Sustamed - Sustandrol 10ml Sustamed - Sustandrol 10ml
$50.00 Out of stock
Nandrolona D - Decandrol Nandrolona D - Decandrol
$40.00 Out of stock
Nandrolona D - Decandrol 10ml Nandrolona D - Decandrol 10ml
$60.00 Out of stock
Nandrolona F - Fenandrol Nandrolona F - Fenandrol
$25.00 Out of stock
Fenandrol 10ml Fenandrol 10ml
$45.00 Out of stock
Strombaject Strombaject
$30.00 Out of stock
Primobol Inj Primobol Inj
$60.00 Out of stock
Primobol 10ml Primobol 10ml
$95.00 Out of stock
Parabolan Parabolan
$60.00 Out of stock
Parabolan 10ml Parabolan 10ml
$90.00 Out of stock
Aquatest Aquatest
$30.00 Out of stock
Danabol 10 NEW Danabol 10 NEW
$13.00 Out of stock
Danabol 50 blister Danabol 50 blister
$17.00 Out of stock
Oxandrolon NEW Oxandrolon NEW
$31.00 Out of stock
Turanabol NEW Turanabol NEW
$16.00 Out of stock
Strombafort 10 NEW Strombafort 10 NEW
$13.00 Out of stock
Strombafort 50 blister Strombafort 50 blister
$17.00 Out of stock

Why Balkan Pharmaceuticals?

  • Awesome quality.
  • Real and licensed pharmaceutical company.
  • A vast range of products.
  • A known brand across the steroid users.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest and licensed pharmaceutical company from Central-Eastern Europe. Their mission is to make people live longer, be healthier and happier. That's why Balkan Pharmaceuticals is checking all the raw materials before starting the production. Only the best raw materials that have passed the test are used to produce one of the best products from the world.

At the moment they have two manufacturing facilities that are located in Moldova and are equipped with the most modern equipment. All 150 employees are highly qualified, experienced and with university degrees, and they follow strict rules for production. Currently, BP produces 220 types of hormonal, antitumor, digestive, steroids and other drugs. They officially are supplying the hospitals from Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

The brand is very known among the bodybuilders and athletes from Europe, United State and other worldwide countries. A lot of Balkan products are used by bodybuilders to prepare the bodybuilding shows, competitions, matches and just to look healthier, bigger and leaner.

The most used products are injectable testosterone blends like enanthate, propionate, cypionate, oral like dianabol, turanabol, oxandrolone and so on.

In our shop, you can buy the most used and best Balkan Pharmaceuticals products. We have for sale the best and original products that can be found on the internet.

And as a very known brand, on the market can be found and fake products. That it is why BP is imprinting on all amps and blisters the UPIC code that can be checked on the official website.

UPIC code check:

The official website:

Here are some links to the tests that have been made by a lab:
1. Sustamed -
2. Oxandrolone -
3. Test P -
4. Danabol -
5. Test E -