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Active substance: Oxandrolone
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Unit: 60 tabs (10mg/tab)

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Each tablets contains 10 mg Oxandrolonum

Pharmacological classification:

ATC: A14A A04.

Pharmacological action:

Oxandrolone, is often identified is really a Dihydrotestosterone anabolic steroid having very little androgenic characteristics and also gentle organic process properties. What from the medicine are similar to individuals observed with androgenic hormone or testo-sterone. With low doses the medicine has discerning anabolic attributes, yet from higher doses, in addition , it has strong steroid activity. Enter in the nucleus and activate development of Genetics functionality, RNA and architectural proteins. Accelerating tissue respiration, organic process and also Adenosine triphosphate synthesis. Cause elevated muscle tissue, lessen adipose tissue, enhancing biological process tissues, accumulated regarding calcium in our your bone tissues. Hematopoietic action is dependent upon expansion of erythropoietin functionality.

Oxandrolone has a couple of main benefits compared to additional steroid drugs. No obtain converted into estrogen also it will not considerably effect the neural structure pituitary system from low dosages. This implies which which is not really separated so that you can oexcess the extra estrogen, men won't produce breast enlargement. Next, since it has no effect on the actual hypothalamic pituitary line, it does not affect the reductions regarding androgenic hormone or testo-sterone. Which means the average person getting Oxandrolone will not have this kind of side effects like loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction or perhaps gonad atrophy- functions which are commonly seen along with steroid drugs.

Medicinal Outcomes:

Our prime quality benefits associated with this specific steroid lie inside of muscle tissue preservation as well as exercise. Oxandrolone has the capacity to not only aid in reducing body-fat yet conserving muscle mass during the nutrient restricted diet; more, the greater muscle tissues we have the more our own action will be therefore enhancing the fee in-which body-fat must be used with regard to power. Because Oxandrolone will be likely regarding fat loss as well as muscle tissue preservation it's commonly used by system players during their competitors preparation, as well as by frequent gym rodents which simply want to check slimmer and also stronger at the beach.

Currently proper's several fascinating products for anyone fascinated primarily inside fat reduction properties of the stuff: Oxandrolone could be what we’d call a "fat-burning steroid". Belly and also deep , stomach body excess extra weight were each lowered in a study when topics inside low/normal organic androgenic hormone or testo-sterone variety utilized Oxandrolone. Withinside another research, appendicular, complete, and also trunk area body excess extra weight counseled me around decreased having a comparatively small serving regarding 20mgs/day, no exercising. Furthermore, pounds obtained with

Oxandrolone might be almost long term also. It will not much better, yet you’ll stand a good chance of maintaining the majority of it.

Medicines User report:

Anabolic action - 322-630% from the androgen hormone or the male growth hormone

Androgenic exercise - 24% with the testosterone

Aromatization (the conversion process in to estrogen) – reduced.

Liver organ accumulation – lower.

Route associated with administration – injection as well as capsules.

Length associated with action – 8-12 several a long time.

The actual detection time – 25 days


Protein synthesis disorders, cachexia of various genesis, stress, considerable uses up, infectious conditions as well as after irradiation, muscular dystrophy, brittle bones, negative nitrogen balance corticoid treatment, aplastic and also sodium thiosulfate anemia.


Individual predisposition to the drug, with the prostate gland or breast cancer, prostate hypertrophy with the signs of the urinary system issues, nephrotic syndrome or perhaps the nephrotic period associated with Bright's disease, edema, hypercalcaemia, hepatic dysfunction, diabetes, as well as coronary heart disease, MI withinside anamnesis, atherosclerosis throughout more mature males, being pregnant and time period.

Guidelines for use:

To be used in sufferers for anemia in order to assist individuals put on pounds, the grownup dosage will be 2.5- Twenty mg/day throughout 2-4 divided dosages. The actual length regarding therapy is usually 3-6 days.

The best dose associated with Oxandrolone for males is 100 milligrams per day and ladies can expect magnificent results having only 3-10 milligrams daily. Alternatively, since females will be more sensitive to steroid drugs lower doses need to be utilized; more, reduce amounts totally ensure side-effects will continue to be non-existent. Nearly all women will discover 10mg daily being almost perfect along together using 20mg each day getting the absolute most regarding Oxandrolone the majority of will ever would like or need to use.

Span of Oxandrolone

It is often virtually established how the usage rule is 0,25 milligrams associated with steroid/1 kilograms through sportsman's pounds. Plenty of players use Oxandrolone for a long period since isn’t very dangerous plus it hasn’t negative effects.

Many body builders typically start at the lower serving. Many sports sportsmen mix Oxandrolone to medications, given that at low dosages Oxandrolone provides minimum side effects. It's combined with dianabol, winstrol or perhaps anadriol. The length of treatment is from 4-8 weeks. The precise serving to begin with treatment methods are adjustable but a majority of professionals suggest Five mg total per day and progressively enhancing the dose more than days.

Oxandrolone could even become perfect for used in connections involving series, (with suprisingly low doses under 10mgs perhaps), or since previously mentioned, for cutting/strength series from 50-100mgs. The burden obtain through Oxandrolone is gradual as well as steady. Most bodybuilders observe weight gain right immediately soon just once 3-4 months.

Negative effects And also Specific Safety measures:

Oxandrolone is very mild about the liver organ. That's most likely the weakest mouth steroid currently available. Blood pressure level and ldl cholestrerol levels concerns can be a few of the negative Oxandrolone side effects in certain but they are both rare and mostly influenced by other factors withinside the individual’s life;

Like every DHT anabolic steroids Oxandrolone unwanted effects can include zits and also hair-loss but you will find considerations to remember. Other part results which people might knowledge were nausea or vomiting, cramping pains, extreme tiredness, nervousness as well as bloated tummy.

Oxandrolone is extremely moderate throughout reductions of normal testosterone manufacturing, therefore moderate that one could take Oxandrolone whilst still being create some natural testosterone. Nevertheless, some suppression will certainly remain and also the degree may mainly be dose reliant.

Identified  symptoms of overdosage  as well as Nuances of The Therapy:

Cases regarding overdose don't have been noted.

Lavage, forced alkaline diuresis, refurbishment of smooth, electrolyte as well as acid stability, chemical analysis and supportive remedy may be required.


Pills 10 milligrams N20x3

Storage instructions:

Store below 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.

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