Most of the persons that heard about steroids and do not know much about them want to try only oral cycles. This is a bad idea. First of all, it is clear that they are not informed enough, so they should not use steroids at all. Second, oral steroids cycles only are very expensive and most of the time have unsatisfactory effects.
The use of anabolic steroids for the physical aspect and performances improvement is a controversial aspect in general, but more controversial when the steroids are used by the women.
Gynecomastia or the breast tissue growth in men is a high risk for those that use anabolic steroids. Only those that have a genetic luck have a reduced risk to have gynecomastia, 90% of those that use anabolic steroids have a high risk of gynecomastia. In case, gynecomastia symptoms appear (painful and swollen nipples) or are already installed ( the breast starts to have a breast form and to swollen) it needs a fast intervention. First of all, it is stopped every steroid or steroids administration that caused the gynecomastia and an anti-gynecomastia cycle is started.
This is a muscle mass cycles destinated to the newbies. The doses are medium and can be individually adapted. For this cycle, you need 100 pills of Danabol 10 mg and 10 ampoules of 1ml each of Nandrolone D with a potency of 250mg per ampule. This is a very popular cycle, used in the past by the most famous bodybuilders. In the present, this cycle can be considered backward. The missing thing is Testosterone, but easy to remedy by adding an ester of it like enanthate or cypionate.
This cycle uses just one steroid, testosterone enanthate or cypionate. This is a muscle mass cycle for someone that is using for the first time steroids. In order to prevent eventually problems caused by the flavoring, it will be used 20 mg of Tamoximed per day or 0,5 mg of Anastrozole. In order not to overburden the heart due to the weight gain and the possible oscillations of the good cholesterol, it will be used 4 mg of omega 3 per day. It is a favorite cycle instead of orals as it eliminates the hepatotoxicity, and is more efficient as final results. Testosterone is among the best and sure muscle mass builders when it comes about anabolic steroids. It is better to be followed repeated cycles as this one instead of choosing another cycle with other substances.
Typical beginner steroid cycles will focus on the use of testosterone as the sole drug, however, persons with a few cycles under their belt will often need additional drugs to achieve decent growth. A good bulking cycle will look like this:
It is a cycle, intended for those who have some experience with anabolic steroids. You should use some anti-estrogen products, in case symptoms of gynecomastia appear. It is recommended to use also protective medicines for the liver. For clenbuterol, during the first week, it begins from 20 mcg and climbed gradually up to 60 mcg.Week
It is a cycle for those who want to avoid preparations testosterone based. Many times it is said that steroids who are not as androgenic, as well as Primobol, aren't good builders of musculature. But let's not forget that they are very anabolic. It is not a cycle that will bring spectacular increase in weight, but will bring smooth and quality muscle mass.
First of all you should have a serious approach, these are real medicines, not supplements, if you go on with a cycle, you shouldn't skip injections or taking tabs. You have one injectable product in this cycle - Testosterone Enanthate, 2 oral steroids (stanozolol and turanabol) and 2 estrogen blockers (tamoxifen and clomiphene) for post cycle.