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Oxandrolone/Anavar cycle for women
Oxandrolone is a steroid that was specially designed for women and children, that why it is the most popular steroid among women, both by professional and amateurs.
$87.00 $91.00
Nandrolon D and Danabol cycle
This is a muscle mass cycle destined to the newbies. The doses are medium and can be individually adapted. For this cycle, you need 100 pills of Danabol 10 mg and 10 ampoules of 1ml each of Nandrolone D with a potency of 250mg per ampule. This is a very popular cycle, used in the past by the most famous bodybuilders. In the present, this cycle can be considered backward. The missing thing is Testosterone, but easy to remedy by adding an ester of it like enanthate or cypionate.
$159.00 $176.00
Danabol Cycle 1 mass
It is a starter mass cycle for users who want to start with steroids but don't want to use injectable.
$57.00 $60.00
Testosterone cycle for newbies
This cycle uses just one steroid, testosterone enanthate or cypionate. This is a muscle mass cycle for someone that is using for the first time steroids.
$129.00 $143.00
Sample Typical Bulking Cycle
Typical beginner steroid cycles will focus on the use of testosterone as the sole drug, however, persons with a few cycles under their belt will often need additional drugs to achieve decent growth.
$309.00 $343.00
Definition Cycle for advanced bodybuilders
It is a cycle of definition and at the same time for cutting. It will offer lean qualitative mass and strength.
$542.00 $602.00
Kit for Mass
$265.00 $293.50
Test E + HGH cycle
Excellent cycle for mass, strength, and lean mass. HGH has a lot of benefits for the body and in combination with Test E, it offers better results.
$2900.00 $3624.00
Test E + Deca - First time users
This is my recommended stack for any first time user who is not familiar with Deca and wants to try it. The Deca/Test combo is a tried and true stack that will give excellent gains with minimal side effects
$286.00 $317.50
The Kickstart Test E + Deca + Danabol
It’s the same as the test e deca first-time users cycle with Dianabol added to the stack. Dianabol is a fast working steroid that can be taken in oral form, which offers great muscle mass fast and easy.
$304.00 $337.00
Classic Cut - Test P + Tren A + Winstrol
One of the most popular cutting cycle going around. The reason is rather simple, it works and it works well. The better will be the diet, the better the results will be.
$495.00 $550.00
Oral cycle for definition
Most of the persons that heard about steroids and do not know much about them want to try only oral cycles. Here is a good cycle to start.
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Post cycle therapy
Gynecomastia or breast tissue growth in men is a high risk for those that use anabolic steroids. Only those that have genetic luck have a reduced risk to have gynecomastia, 90% of those that use anabolic steroids have a high risk of gynecomastia.
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Primobol, Nandrolone D and Strombaject Aqua
It is a cycle for those who want to avoid preparations testosterone-based. Many times it is said that steroids who are not as androgenic, as well as Primobol, aren't good builders of musculature. But let's not forget that they are very anabolic. It is not a cycle that will bring a spectacular increase in weight but will bring smooth and quality muscle mass.
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Cycle for the newbies
First of all, you should have a serious approach, these are real medicines, not supplements, if you go on with a cycle, you shouldn't skip injections or taking tabs. You have one injectable product in this cycle - Testosterone Enanthate, 2 oral steroids (stanozolol and turanabol), and 2 estrogen blockers (tamoxifen and clomiphene) for post cycle.
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Winnie the pooh - Test E + Winstrol
A popular cycle for athletes that want to maintain strength and bodybuilders for contest preparations. It is a combination of Test E that will maintain the testosterone level and Winstrol that helps to cut the fats.
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A very good Test E + Deca cycle for those who want mass and strength at the same time.
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