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Oral cycle for definition

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Most of the persons that heard about steroids and do not know much about them want to try only oral cycles. This is a bad idea. First of all, it is clear that they are not informed enough, so they should not use steroids at all. Second, oral steroids cycles only are very expensive and most of the time have unsatisfactory effects.

Of course, there are exceptions for some fellows and with some steroids like Danabol, Oxandrolone or Turanabol, (these steroids can be combined only with injectable steroids, or can form cycles only with a single steroid, all of them affect the liver so they should not be used both at the same time).

For a beginner, especially an ectomorph, such steroids can be useful but they need much work and attention because at the end of the cycle there is the risk to lose all the bulking gained during the cycle.

When it comes to muscle definition the things get complicated. Because many are curious we will give an example of a definition cycle composed only from oral steroids. It will be an expensive cycle and with results at most satisfying.

In order not to overcharge the liver, it will be used 2 oral steroids, one is not c-17 alpha alkylated the Primobol. Practically the Primobol has an extremely low absorption rate. In order to increase the absorption rate, the dose is divided into 3 parts. To compensate for the efficiency of Primobol there are used high doses of Stanozolol. Along with this cycle is needed to be used a liver protection products.

Week Strombafort 50 blister Tamoximed 20 NEW Primobol Tablets NEW
1. 50 mg/day 20 mg/day 100 mg/day
2. 50 mg/day 20 mg/day 100 mg/day
3. 50 mg/day 20 mg/day 100 mg/day
4. 50 mg/day 20 mg/day 100 mg/day
5. 50 mg/day 20 mg/day 100 mg/day
6. 50 mg/day 20 mg/day 75 mg/day
7. 50 mg/day 20 mg/day 75 mg/day
8. 50 mg/day 20 mg/day 50 mg/day

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