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Post cycle therapy

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Gynecomastia or breast tissue growth in men is a high risk for those that use anabolic steroids. Only those that have genetic luck have a reduced risk to have gynecomastia, 90% of those that use anabolic steroids have a high risk of gynecomastia. In case, gynecomastia symptoms appear (painful and swollen nipples) or are already installed ( the breast starts to have a breast form and to swollen) it needs a fast intervention. First of all, it is stopped every steroid or steroid administration that caused the gynecomastia and an anti-gynecomastia cycle is started.

In case, necessary measures were not undertaken in time, then the only solution is the surgical operation that will cut the tissue. At the moment, the gynecomastia is already installed it is possible that an anti-gynecomastia cycle to be no more useful and the medical bistoury to be the unique solution.

I need to mention that every organism is unique and that why it is welcomed to visit a doctor and make some blood tests.

The cycle we will propose is just an example of how is correct to follow a cycle to prevent gynecomastia. Almost all the gynecomastia cases induced by the steroids have the same causes, so the solutions are always the same.

The dose of Letrozole is increased and decreased gradually, otherwise, you will have a bad recurrence of the estrogen after you finish the cycle.

The classic post cycle therapy lasts 4 weeks, but it is very subjective. In some critical cases, it needs a longer period of time. You need to have a self-analysis on how the therapy works and start to decrease the Letrozole doses after you feel that the gynecomastia has passed. It may appear as an extremely cycle and it really is. As I mentioned it is better to see a doctor. After the gynecomastia is installed the only alternative is the surgery. The cycle is followed until the gynecomastia is retired, after that the cycle is stopped.

Week Letrozol blister SP Cabergolin Tamoximed 10 NEW
1. 1,25 mg/day 0,25 mg at 3rd day 40 mg/day
2. 1,25 mg/day 0,25 mg at 3rd day 40 mg/day
3. 2,5 mg/day 0,25 mg at 3rd day 60 mg/day
4. 2,5 mg/day 0,25 mg at 3rd day 60 mg/day
5. 1,25 mg/day 0,25 mg/week 40 mg/day
6. 1,25 mg/day 0,25 mg/week 20 mg/day
7. 1,25 mg/day 0,25 mg/week 20 mg/day
8. 0,625 mg/day 10 mg/day
9. 0,625 mg/day 10 mg/day
10. 0,3 mg/day 10 mg/day
11. 0,3 mg/day 10 mg/day
12. 0,15 mg/day 10 mg/day
13. 10 mg/day

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