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Testosterone cycle for newbies

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This cycle uses just one steroid, testosterone enanthate or cypionate.

This is a muscle mass cycle for someone that is using for the first time steroids. In order to prevent eventually problems caused by the flavoring, it will be used 20 mg of Tamoximed per day or 0,5 mg of Anastrozole. In order not to overburden the heart due to the weight gain and the possible oscillations of the good cholesterol, it will be used 4 mg of omega 3 per day.
It is a favorite cycle instead of orals as it eliminates the hepatotoxicity, and is more efficient as final results.

Testosterone is among the best and sure muscle mass builders when it comes about anabolic steroids. It is better to be followed by repeated cycles like this one instead of choosing another cycle with other substances.

Week Testosterona E - Enandrol 10ml Anastrozol 1mg NEW Tamoximed 20 NEW
1. 250 mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
2. 250 mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
3. 500 mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
4. 500 mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
5. 500 mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
6. 500 mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
7. 500 mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
8. 500 mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
9. Pause
10. Pause
11. Pause
12. 60mg first day, 40mg/day
13. 20 mg/day

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