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Here is a good beginner's cycle:

Weeks 1-5 Turanabol tabs 50 mg Every Day

Weeks 1-10 500mg/week of Test Enanthate (2 injections per week)

Weeks 6-10 Strombafort tabs 50 mg Every day

Weeks 12-14 150mg/day Clomed Every Day

Weeks 15-16 50mg/day Clomed Every Day

Weeks 12-16 40mg/day Tamoxifen Every Day

*you can replace turanabol with 40mg of danabol per day if you want to be bulkier

**Strombafort tabs at the end of the cycle are optional, you may not take them for your first cycle.

***Clomed and Tamoxifen are mandatory

So for this cycle you will need 2 vials or 20 ml of Testosterone Enanthate (injectable), 175 tabs of turanabol tabs 10mg/tab (oral) so you should order 4 packs of 50 tabs each, strombafort tabs also 175 tabs 10 mg each, so you will need 2 packs of 100 tabs each and for Post cycle, you will need 60 tabs of tamoxifen 20 mg tabs and 60 clomiphene 50 mg tabs.

If you go with Balkan then you will need 4x Testosterone E, 3x Strombafort 10, 3x Turanabol, 1x Clomed, and 1 X Tamoximed 20, now let me explain how to administer them:

First of all, you should have a serious approach, these are real medicines, not supplements, if you go on with a cycle you shouldn't skip injections or taking tabs. You have one injectable product in this cycle - Testosterone Enanthate, 2 oral steroids (stanozolol and turanabol), and 2 estrogen blockers (tamoxifen and clomed) for post cycle.

So, for example, you began your cycle on Monday, so you wake up and take your breakfast and take 2 turanabol pills and when you have time you inject 1 ml of Testosterone Enanthate, then you take 2 more tabs 2 hours before your workout and one tab after your last meal of that day. Next day you take only the turanabol, no injection, the next time you make one more injection of testosterone is 3 days after the first one, indeed injections are made once in 3-4 days, so you have 500 mg of testosterone per week. the rest of the days you are taking the pills, turanabol - in your case the first 5 weeks and the same with Strombafort the last 5 weeks of your cycle and also injection on each 3rd or 4th day, don't make passes on weekends, the gear should be all the way in the blood not only the days you are working out.

And soon you are going for all the 10 weeks of your cycle, just don't forget to replace turanabol with strombafort on the 5th week.

After the cycle is finished you should wait 7-10 days without taking anything and then begin your Post cycle therapy.

one tab of tamoxifen has 20mg and you need 40mg per day so you should take 2 tabs per day, you can take one in the morning and one in the evening and so on all the 5 weeks of the recovery, at the same time you should take Clomed - one tab of it has 50 mg, so on the first 3 weeks of the post cycle you have to take 3 tabs daily, the next 2 weeks you should take one tab per day.

If you have strange feeling or pains in your nipples, beginning from the 6th - 7th week or sooner, then you can take one tab of tamoxifen per day during your cycle, in this case, it would be better to order one extra pack of tamoxifen or it also can be replaced with Provimed or Anastrozole.

Week Turanabol NEW Testosterona E - Enandrol 10ml Strombafort 50 blister Clomed blister Anastrozol 1mg NEW Tamoximed 10 NEW
1. 50mg/day 500mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
2. 50mg/day 500mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
3. 50mg/day 500mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
4. 50mg/day 500mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
5. 50mg/day 500mg/week 0.5mg M,W,F
6. 500mg/week 50mg/day 0.5mg M,W,F
7. 500mg/week 50mg/day 0.5mg M,W,F
8. 500mg/week 50mg/day 0.5mg M,W,F
9. 500mg/week 50mg/day 0.5mg M,W,F
10. 500mg/week 50mg/day 0.5mg M,W,F
11. Pause
12. Pause
13. 150 mg/day 40 mg/day
14. 100 mg/day 20 mg/day
15. 50 mg/day 20 mg/day

Great combo for newbies and those that want impressive results at a reasonable cost.