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Buy Testosterona P - Propandrol 10ml online

Testosterona P - Propandrol 10ml

1 vial (100mg/ml 10 ml)
Testosterone propionate (Propandrol) 10 ml is a much faster-acting ester, do not retain water in your body, offer strength and the muscles could be more dried up and more qualitative.more

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Each ml of the drug contains 100 mg Testosterone Propionate

Pharmacological classification:

ATC: A14AB01

Medicinal Actions:

Testosterone is the main androgen hormone combined and also released by the testicles. It is in charge of progression of men sexual intercourse organs and also extra sex qualities (readiness regarding prostate-related, seminal vesicles, penis as well as scrotum), man head of curly tresses distribution (encounter, pubic bone, upper body) building laryngeal muscle tissue and the body extra weight syndication. Contain the N, sodium, blood potassium and phosphorus, increases protein constructive metabolism and reduce catabolism. Rapid improve plasma concentrations regarding androgen hormone or the male growth hormone in prepubertal causes stunted progress as well as epiphyseal closure. Induces manufacture of glycoprotein and also erythrocytes. With the suggestions, the device inhibits pituitary LH and hair follicles and causes reductions associated with spermatogenesis.

The difference between propionate and other testosterone esters (cypionate, enanthate) is the period of impact. Testosterone propionate is much faster acting than an androgenic hormone or testosterone cypionate, enanthate and requires a much more frequent serving, to be able to sustain steady blood ranges. That is one of the main drawbacks of propionate, compared with its more lasting alternatives.

One more feature of the medicine lies in the truth that when effectively chosen doses at most athletes do not retain water in your body that symptoms tend to be small. Therefore, androgen hormone or the male growth hormone propionate doesn't cause a sharp rise in weight of 10-15 kilo for a few days, employing the same enanthate, however, gathered in making use of propionate muscles could be more dried up and more qualitative. Striking in your body is actually quickly absorbed into the particular bloodstream, therefore the function regarding propionate you are able to feel following the 1st injection. And merely because rapidly eradicated.

Medicinal effects:

Androgen hormone or the male growth hormone Propionate brings about pursuing modifications:

-The rise in muscle tissue

-Burning up regarding fat

-Boost associated with a reduction

-Improved upon power overall efficiency

-Improve sex drive the chance of ischaemic cardiovascular disease and coronary

Steroid  User report:

Anabolic exercise - 100% with the testosterone

Androgenic action - 100% with the androgen hormone or the male growth hormone (large)

Aromatization (the conversion process into excess the extra estrogen) - Higher (there exist antiestrogens)

Liver toxicity – reduced

Course regarding administration – injection.

Length associated with motion - 2-3 times


Withinside guys - HRT in issues caused by androgenic hormone or testosterone insufficiency:

• preservation regarding sex maturation;

• development of the genital parts;

• erection problems of hormonal origin;

• hypopituitarism;

• signs of man orgasm (reduced sex drive as well as actual and rational activity);

• androgen insufficiency following castrating;

• weak bones due to steroid hormone lack.

Throughout women:

• hyperestrogenemia, practical hemorrhaging;

• female internal reproductive organ benign tumor;

• endometriosis;

• menopause (in combination with estrogen);

• breast cancer;

• weak bones.


Persons that have hypersensitivity towards the medication, with the prostate related or perhaps cancer of the breast, prostatic hypertrophy with symptoms of urinary system problems, nephrotic syndrome or even the nephrotic period associated with nephritis, edema, hypercalcemia, hepatic dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, and coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction withinside anamnesis, atherosclerosis in older males, being pregnant, breast-feeding.


Intramuscular injection, heavy withinside the gluteal muscle. Dosing routine is actually altered separately, with regards to the disease, intercourse, grow older, clinical result.

The most frequent serving agenda for this kind of ingredient (men) is to provide 50 mg in order to be able for you to help 100mg, every single day or even 2nd evening. Much like the greater well-known esters, the whole each week dosage will be inside the range of 300-700mg. As with all androgen hormone or the male growth hormone compounds, this kind of drug is actually most correctly fitted to mass stages of coaching.

The actual medicine can't be given intravenously!

Length of Testosterone P (Testosterone propionate)

It is often just one anabolic steroid ointment drugs on "course", however, the greatest effect is accomplished when coupled with other drugs. Regarding beginner, sportsmen may be suggested dosage regarding  50 milligrams associated with propionate every second day. The usual dosage for further experienced players is  100 milligrams associated with propionate every single day as well as previously mentioned. Best results can be obtained along together using 50-100 milligrams per day or perhaps every second day. The particular sportsperson will experience visibly reduced water retention than with the particular testosterone in order that propionate is simply by bodybuilders which very quickly attract water having enanthate.

Sure to consider antiestrogen, for example, Tamoxifen or perhaps Proviron (12 mg per day) to prevent the creation of gynecomastia, fluid preservation, as well as other results of excess the extra estrogen. At the end result regarding Hydrocortone blockers reception is actually wished to protect the particular dialed size. Make sure you keep to the diet plan as well as take sporting activities nutrition with regard to boost with muscular bulk. An excellent bunch regarding attaining muscle mass will be, for instance, 100 mg Testosterone propionate every a  couple of days, 5p milligrams Winstrol Depot every 2 days, and 25 milligrams Dianabol/day.

Females like the TP for that chance of staying away from the negative effects of androgens, which can be profitable merely the proper supervision. The secret is based on helping the time periods in among injections that can reduce testosterone amounts without having build-up associated with androgens by the body processes. Consequently, ladies administered propionate times in mere doses regarding 25-50 milligrams. Duration regarding cure must not exceed 8-10 months.

Specific Safeguards:

Although adverse effects regarding TP they are much like TE and also TC, they hardly ever happen.

• Priapism as well as other signs of too much sex stimulation (regular erections);

• Kids in the prepubertal interval - accelerated lovemaking advancement, elevated rate of recurrence regarding hard-ons, penis enlargement as well as early epiphysial closure;

• Damage to spermatogenesis and also sperm maturation violation, physiological state as well as decreased the actual ejaculate amount;

• Problems of the prostate related;

• Withinside ladies - blood loss from the birth canal, elevated sex drive, with extended technique medicine might be symptoms of virilization;

• Hirsuteness, abnormality;

• Seborrhea, zits, greasy skin color, faster baldness;

• Salt and water retention, edema;

• The signs of hypercalcemia;

• Thrombophlebitis;

• Nausea or vomiting, cholestatic jaundice, improved liver organ transaminases.

• Headache, depression symptoms, aggressiveness, anxiousness, slumber disturbance, paresthesias.

Possible soreness, irritation, as well as inflammation on the shot place.

Recognized symptoms of overdosage:

Withinside acute o.d. associated with testosterone accumulation is fairly low.

Throughout persistent drug can be done to develop pathology. In this case, it is necessary to prevent using preparing, and also right immediately soon just once the disappearance of symptoms - the actual started again remedy from lower dosages.

Gastric lavage, compelled alkalic symptom, restoration associated with liquid, solution and chemical p stability, dialysis and also supportive remedy are usually necessary.


Sol. Inj. 100mg/ml – 1ml into packs of N.5

Storage instructions:

Store below 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.

great product fast shipping
One of my favorite Tests to use and recommend for the price.
Always a good choice - quality stuff
A little weak, but good for working in with Sustanon
Excellent product, works as described.
Top quality products from BP!
Amazing product. My strength and libido have increased enormously.
It is OK I guess, but I much prefer Test C from Balkan. Also injections every 2 days are not the best.
All the products I have received are excellent
Great product. Solid lean gains
All the products I have received are excellent
Tiene un pip algo doloroso, pero es muy buen propionato, acción bastante ràpida y más potencia ml x ml que otros ésteres, una dosifiación de 300mg semanales te permitirán salir de un ciclo de ésteres largos perfectamente, recomiendo este producto en especial para las salidas del ciclo.
Very effective properly PIP
Tiene un pip mucho más suave que otros laboratorios, eso hace cómoda su aplicación eod
Legit product. Propionate is known for its PIP, but after a few weeks I got used to it.
Test P is good to go! Been on it for 2 weeks now and feeling and looking better
Test P is good to go! Been on it for 2 weeks now and feeling and looking better
Comepare to bodyphamr's prop this give me bad inflamed injection sites

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