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Buy Testosteron P 100 Bodypharm online

Testosteron P 100 Bodypharm

1 vial (100mg/ml 10 ml)
As a short-acting steroid, it is a perfect choice for the persons with low testosterone levels, for athletes performance, who want to promote the increase of lean muscle mass, strength, recovery, and endurance.more

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Active substance: Testosterone Propionate

Product name: Testosterone P, Testoviron, Testabol P, Sustanon

Testosterone Propionate BodyPharm is for sure well-known among bodybuilders and performance athletes. It is used to improve the physique and performance rate. Testosterone hormone is considered a natural and secure anabolic. That's why it is recommended for beginners.

Test Propionate is an injectable substance with a slower rate of release than un-esterified Testosterone, but a faster rate of release than all the rest of esterified testosterone. The main disadvantage of this type of Testosterone is that it has to be injected every day or at least every other day in order to achieve the wanted results. The good part is that this steroid`s side effects are milder and easier to control. This type of steroid's half-life is about 4 and a half days. Testosterone Propionate can be injected into any muscle such as buttocks, shoulder or even triceps.

As a short-acting steroid, it is a perfect choice for the persons with low testosterone levels, for athletes performance, who want to promote the increase of lean muscle mass, strength, recovery, and endurance. And Bodybuilders who want to look leaner during the cutting phase. All these can be achieved with a good diet and training.

For better results, Test P can be combined with Tren Acetate, Stanozolol (oral or injectable form), and other short esters.

Side effects: gynecomastia, seborrhea, acne breakouts, greasy skin, accelerated baldness, water retention, headaches, excess hair growth, increased blood pressure, aggression.


For men - 50-100mg ED or 100-200mg EOD.

For women - very small doses, or not recommended.

The minimum cycle length is 8 weeks and the maximum is 16 weeks.

Fast acting , goes well with winstrol and equipose , or with tren acetate
works well and good price
Great product, they loved the results
Testerona P works great fast shipping
These products are a good value. Works and cost is reasonable.
Excellent product, works as described.
Great service and fast shipping. The product is top notch. I will order again.
I always order this, great starter for cycle and always great results
high quality test p - great results - would buy it again
Great product will recommend
Very good product, very smooth zero water retention.
Strength and cuts or strength and size. Depends on your diet and goals.
Seems to do the trick. I felt like it's pretty much the same as Dragon propionate. I haven't noticed any difference between the two. if you soak your syringe in hot water for five minutes, the injection doesn't hurt (propionate can be painful at times.)
Great product. Lean dry gains
Fast service, answers every email.
Good for cutting activates fast no oily skin good quick results
Great. Balkan pharm always delivers
Excellent product, works as described.
Love this product, amazing for getting shredded, I've taking this for years amd never disappointed
This is the only propionate that I buy. It's a great price and just as good as the more expensive brands.
very reasonable price for propionate. This is my go-to product.
Excellent product, works as described.
Made muscles feel harder and more dense
love it.... great powerful prop
Very good testo and low price
Awesome product. This is a great alteration to test c and help keeps the gains you work so hard to keep.
Still need tot use it,but i have faith in it
Good product, works very good

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