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Danabol 10

Danabol 10

Active substance: Methandienone
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Unit: 60 tabs (10 mg/tab)

25.00 USD

Bulk price:

Quantity: 10+ 20+ 30+
Rate: 20.00 USD 15.00 USD 13.00 USD



10 mg DANABOL (Methandienone) per tablet.

50 mg DANABOL (Methandienone) per tablet.

Pharmacological classification:

 Anabolic steroids.

Pharmacological action: 

Danabol device of actions consists of presenting of specific energy anabolic steroid ointment drugs receptors. The Lively complex formed adheres to Genetics and also behave as transcribing element, resulting in elevated synthesis regarding RNA as well as proteins. Virilizing actions is 100-250 times small compared to the male hormone androgenic hormone or testosterone. Danabol determines a calcium-phosphorus stability optimistic. And also anti-estrogenic measures regarding pituitary gonadotropins suppression are usually below the ones from anabolic steroids related.It encourages organic process procedures and suppresses catabolic ones. Cause improved muscle mass, reduce adipose tissue, improving organic process tissues, gathered associated with calcium throughout our your bone tissues and maintains salt and drinking h2o in the body. Hematopoietic motion is dependent upon the growth of glycoprotein synthesis. Androgenic action (average) might contribute to the creation of supplementary love making qualities of men type.

Medicinal effects: 


Danabol operates quickly and safely: including weight with a 1-2kg / 7 days during the very initial 6 weeks is considered the usual in using Danabol.  The primary effect regarding methandrostenolone manifests themselves in a fast boost in muscle mass, as a result of service of necessary health proteins activity, glycogenolysis. Methandrostenolone not really destroyed inside the liver organ and is not related to sex hormone joining simple protein, and so a lot more powerful than an equal amount of androgen hormone or the male growth hormone.

Concurrently increase power charges, increases hunger. Slightly burn off fat deposits.  Tones up the program. Methandrostenolone provides fairly vulnerable androgenic activity (60% when compared with testosterone), nevertheless it happens in vivo.  Research has demonstrated, the medial side effects start to can be found in most all cases over the serving Danabol0 a lot greater than 30 milligrams each day to use.

Steroid profile:

Anabolic activity - 200% of the testosterone

Androgenic activity - 50% of the testosterone

Way of administration – internal.

The period of action – 6-8 hours

The detection time - 6 weeks


Danabol 5 milligrams is used with inside healthcare and also surgical specialties wherever it is necessary so that you can stimulate protein anabolism, improve pounds as well as muscle tone, improve bone tissue trophy city.  Internal medicine: protein deficiency syndromes, astheny, feeling of food cravings, declares of organic process characteristic age, convalescent, severe and also long-term infections, osteoporosis, or hypogonadal hipercorticosuprarenale symptoms, hyperthyroidism, extended treatment with a steroid, etc..

Surgical treatment: break consolidation period, pre-treatment and postoperatively in individuals along together using weak general condition, melts away and also bedsores.  Damaging nitrogen balance induced by corticoid remedy, anemia, and also hype. As well as treat tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, bronchial asthma attack, hepatitis.

Contra-indications :

Hypersensitivity towards the medicine, cancer of the prostate, breast cancers in males, breasts carcinoma in females having hypercalcemia, ICC, serious vascular disease, hepatic as well as renal disability, severe and also chronic prostatitis, being pregnant and time period.

Instructions for use:

Grown ups - starting serving 10-20 mg/day time. The maintenance dosage is actually 5-10 mg/day time. The utmost serving - 50 mg/24 hours.

Kids: up to 2 years - 0.04 milligrams / kg, 2-6 years - 0.5 milligrams / kg, 6-14many decades - A single mg / kg in 1-2 separated dosages. The cure - till Four weeks. Repeated program - above 6-8 days.

Length of Danabol (Methandienone)

The training study training starts with methandrostenolone of 12 mg.After 2-3 times the dose is improved to twenty milligrams per day, split into 2steps. On the same day, time commences using Nolvadex or even Clomid.Nolvadex will be obtained at a serving associated with 12 milligrams daily at any time.2-3 days afterward it is possible to improve the dose to Thirty mg, divided into Several.

Over the past few days slowly and gradually slow up the dosage regarding methandrostenolone in order to be able for you to help zero. Obtain Nolvadex continued for two main days after which terminate. Have to keep an eye on hypertension. In the event of increasing is essential to lessen the particular serving, or even start getting regarding hypotensive medications (enalapril, a few mg).Keep in mind that getting steroid drugs should be arranged with the medical professional because of feasible contraindications. For optimum result and reduce losing muscles after a program is recommended to use sports activities diet and eating habits for a set of muscle mass.  The actual tablets should be swallowed completely. Do not chew up, crack or smash the particular tablets because this will certainly eliminate the protecting effect of the alimentary canal covering.

Special Safeguards:

In men: priapism may happen at the start of therapy, prolonged utilize could cause suppression regarding male reproductive gland functions of spermatogenesis reduction and termination of treatment can take place to diminish strength. Far wall outcomes tend to be abnormalcy and elderly men can happen inflamed prostate related. Withinside prepubescent kids: intelligent sex improvement. Withinside females: virilizing (expand of the voice - can be irreparable,hirsutism - can be long lasting, particularly after remedy, male pattern baldness, enlarged clitoris, oligo-amenorrhea, metrorrhagia - simply by simply transforming portion of androgens directly straight in excess the extra estrogen, may cause expansion endometrium, increased libido, halting whole dairy production).

Nerve side effects: content excitement, sleeplessness, depressive disorders.

Gastrointestinal reactions: nausea or vomiting, vomiting, looseness of the bowels.

Doctor responses: acne breakouts, especially in as well as prepubertal kids. Metabolic rate: sugar tolerance, boost Low-density lipoprotein and decreased high-density lipoprotein, creatinine improves, at large doses, can happen electrolyte retention (sodium, chloride, blood potassium, phosphorus, calcium). At large dosages, happen to be noted:

- Weight gain, because of the anabolic and salt and also bloating;

- High blood pressure levels or difficulty of pre-existing high blood pressure, because of retention of salt and also drinking h2o;

- Liver disorders: improved conjugated bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase increased, jaundice, cholestatic hepatitis and incredibly hardly ever, hepatic benign tumor, liver cancer.

Signs of overdosage and also particulars of its remedy:

Cases of overdose do not have already recently been recently documented.  Gastric lavage compelled alkalic symptom, restoration of liquid, solution and chemical p balance, chemical analysis and supporting treatment may be required.

Display: 12, as well as Fifty milligrams capsules sore crammed directly straight, delivers regarding Sixty.

Safe-keeping Directions: Store below 25°C. Keep out regarding the reach of youngsters.


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