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Testosterona C - Cipandrol 10ml 1 vial (200mg/ml 10 ml)


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Ap****he W**n
Stacked with Deca. This stuff is excellent!
C**p Ho*****er
long lasting testosterona
C**p Ho******er
Good stuff …..Long lasting
J***m B***s
Balkan always is Legit and you can always run the Batch number to check if its Made there.
J****n E
Awesome products. Would recommend to anyone...
Da******el Pe*******so
Product was very good I like Balkan products
Ma*****ew Fi*****es
Great prices for great products!
B***y Th*******on
Great customer service and fast delivery! I ordered on the 2nd of April and received my order on the 13th of April, USA. This product did pass a home Roid Test, but I haven't started using due to the fact I'm currently on PCT. The packaging was very discrete, but not packaged quite as tight as I was expecting. They obviously know what they are doing and I feel very confident with this source. I will definitely use Balkan in the future!

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