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MT II 10mg

10 vials 10mg
The main benefit of MT II 10mg is that you don't need a lot of exposure to sunlight. The peptide will cut down the amount of time you have to spend in the sun to get a tan.more
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Melanotan 2 (MT II 10mg) is a type of peptide called a Melanotropin peptide which is an analog of the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. Synthetic Melanotan 2 (MT II 10mg) is designed to tan the skin.


  • The main benefit of Melanotan 2 (MT II 10mg) is that you don't need a lot of exposure to sunlight. The peptide will cut down the amount of time you have to spend in the sun to get a tan.
  • Because of its fat loss effect, this peptide is also used in weight loss. Since the melanocortin system is important for controlling body weight, the use of Melanotan (MT II 10mg) increases oxidation in fatty acids which improves insulin sensitivity, requiring less food to feel full.
  • It increases libido.


Starting dose: The first dosage should be small, as little as 0.25 mg to gauge the reaction of the user's body. This dosage should be taken before going to sleep.

Loading dose: If no adverse effects have shown up, it's safe to assume that no problems will occur. Loading dosages can be done once per day, consisting of an injection of 0.5 mg to 1 mg.

Maintenance dose: Maintenance doses are taken once the desired pigmentation has been reached. Normally maintenance dose is 2x or 3x your loading dose and is done once a week.

Steps for Mixing

You can use bacteriostatic water or sterile water.

  • Use a fresh alcohol swab to clean the area of injection and the rubber stopper of your Melanotan 2 (MT II 10mg) bottle and the top of the water vial and allow each to air dry.
  • Fill the insulin syringe with 2 ml water and slowly and carefully inject the syringe of water into the 10 mg bottle of Melanotan 2 – being careful to spray the water onto the sides of the container rather than directly into the powder.


Though tan protects the skin from burning, the Melanotan peptide will not protect the skin. This makes it important not to overexpose oneself when first starting the therapy. Regularly dosing is the key until the desired pigmentation is achieved, at which point injections can be cut to once every 7 days. Some experimentation will be required to find out how long one can go without losing pigment. This will become the maintenance dose.