Exercises for bodybuilders

This article is for those who are looking for huge muscle mass. This article tells you how to implement into practice an effective workout for acquisition of a large muscle mass. It is a workout plan for separated muscle groups, for advanced experienced bodybuilders or those intermediaries who want to gain more strength and bigger muscle mass. Trainings should be changed depending on the desired result or muscle strength! The workout is planned for 4 days or  3 days a week, depending on purpose. Consider the optimal training 4 days a week. You can train even 5 days, except it will involve exercising and the weak parts such as forearms, light cardio workout etc.

If training for four times a week, the program will look like this:

Day 1: Chest and Biceps 

Day 2: Legs and lumbar

Day 3: Break (cardio if you want) 

Day 4: Back and Abdomen 

Day 5: Shoulders and Triceps

 Day 6: Pause (cardio if you want) 

Day 7: Break

One important thing is that no matter what your workout days are, between day 5 and day 1, you must rest 2 days. Large muscle groups are trained once a week and small groups as synergistic, and deltoids, biceps, triceps are stimulated twice a week.  

The 3 days per week program looks like this: 

Day 1: Chest and Biceps 

Day 2: Break (cardio if you want) 

Day 3: Legs, back, and abdomen 

Day 4: Break (cardio if you want) 

Day 5: Shoulders and Arms 

Day 6: Pause (cardio if you want) 

Day 7: Break

Best exercises for good and satisfactory results have been chosen to stimulate and increase muscle mass. It is important to not change a difficult exercise on an easy one. Exercise program presented below provides a good performance to all persons:

Day 1: horizontal dumbbell pushes, tilted pushes with dumbbells, pushups in parallel to crossover cables Curl with Z-bar, Hammer Curl, Reverse Curl bar socket Z. 

Day 2: squats, deadlifts, squats with the bar in front (for power) or media (for muscle), feet extensions, calves feet, shins from sitting. 

Day 4: Drive, rooting the bar, rooting on one arm, shoulder extensions, crunches, lifting legs, abdomen. 

Day 5: military press, lateral raises, shoulder waving the camera, waving back, pushed narrow outlet, Skull crushers, reverse-grip triceps extensions.