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How to Preserve your Muscles after a Steroid Cycle

Many bodybuilders use steroids to increase their muscle mass and to build a perfect body shape. During a steroid cycle, the muscles grow really fast, but at the end of the cycle, a number of muscles go away. This consequence can not be stopped, but there is a way to reduce it and to preserve a great part of your muscle mass.

First, we will talk about some processes that happen in the body system during the cycle with steroids. It is about: hormone levels, the fast recovery process after the training sessions, accelerated nutrient procession.

Hormonal glands that do all this work are stopped from functioning during the cycle because steroids are a source of artificial hormones. At the end of the cycle, the body is trying to return back to the original state, before starting the steroid cycle, but it is even pushed back a little due to hormonal disorders that occur and if the user is having the same workout plan as during cycle, he will inevitably lose muscle mass. These hormonal disorders need to be removed and the catabolic factors need to be eliminated. Working on this means to know how to preserve your muscle mass. In this article, we will talk more about how to manage these things.

In a steroid cycle, testicles gland stops functioning in a natural way, testicles modify their size and the natural production of testosterone is stopped. In order to minimize this effect, you should use artificial gonadotropins to avoid testicles atrophy. You should take into account that it is better to use them during the cycle, not after because otherwise the recovery period will be longer and the muscles will lose their shape faster.

At the end of a steroid cycle, it is very important to reduce estrogen levels. It is needed in order to get into function the hypothalamus. This can be made by using Clomed and Tamoxifen Citrate. It is important to know that estrogen is the factor that inhibits the natural production of testosterone, that's why you need to reduce the level of this hormone.

It is also important to use Tribulus, creatine, and insulin. Insulin has its positive part due to its particularities. These substances are better to be used only for an ectomorph body type, persons that have a lower metabolism have the risk to gain weight. Using these products helps to maintain the muscle mass after a steroid cycle along with some special training exercises. When you completed the cycle, your body presents a high level of cortisol, which inhibits the muscle growth, that's why it needed to change the training program to reduce the negative effect. During the cycle, the workout plan can involve even 6 pieces of training a week, but during this period you need to recover and you can go to the gym twice a week, for a short time but do heavy training. This means you have to do basic exercises and each group of muscles should be worked only once a week. This will help to maintain your muscle and to recover in a proper way.

According to all written above, these are the most important rules to follow:

  • Good sleeping

  • Drop the cardio training

  • Eat caloric food

  • Use more protein food