Buy Danabol 50mg 20tabs online

Danabol 50mg 20tabs

20 tabs (50 mg/tab)
Danabol 50 - Balkan Pharmaceuticals the primary effect associated with a rapid rise in muscles, incorporating weight with a 1-2kg / week throughout the 1st five to six weeksmore




Fifty milligrams DANABOL (Methandienonum) for each pill.

Pharmacological classification:

Steroid drugs.

Medicinal Motion:

Danabol device of action consists of presenting regarding certain atomic power medicines receptors. The lively complex produced adheres in order to be able for you to help DNA and act as a transcribing factor, resulting in increased synthesis regarding Rna and also protein. Virilizing motion is 100-250 times less space-consuming than your hormonal androgenic hormone or testosterone. Danabol determines a calcium-phosphorus equilibrium well. And anti-estrogenic measures of pituitary gonadotropin inhibition are lower than the ones from steroid drugs-related. It induces anabolic processes as well as inhibits catabolic kinds. Result in increased muscle tissue, lessen adipose tissue, enhancing biological process cells, accumulated of calcium mineral throughout our your bone tissues and retains salt as well as drinking h2o in your body. Hematopoietic action depends upon the growth of erythropoietin activity. Androgenic motion (moderate) may possibly bring about the creation of extra sex qualities associated with man sort.

Pharmacological effects:

Danabol works safely and quickly: incorporating weight with a 1-2kg / week throughout the 1st Five to six weeks is the norm throughout taking Danabol.

The primary effect associated with methandrostenolone exhibits itself in a rapid rise in muscles, because of initial associated with proteins activity, glycogenolysis.  Methandrostenolone not necessarily damaged inside the liver and is not associated with steroid hormone-binding globulin, and so much more potent compared to a comparable amount of androgenic hormone or testosterone. At the same time improve energy prices, increases hunger. Somewhat burn up the fat. Tones up the skeletal system.

Methandrostenolone provides comparatively vulnerable androgenic exercise (50% in comparison to testosterone), nonetheless, it occurs in vivo.

Numerous reports have shown, the side effects commence to come in most cases more than the serving Danabol0 over 30 milligrams per day.

Anabolic steroid ointment drugs User report:

Anabolic activity - 200% from the testosterone

Androgenic activity - 50% with the androgen hormone or the male growth hormone

Aromatization (conversion into estrogen) - reduced

Duration regarding actions – 6-8 hours

The actual diagnosis period - 6 weeks


Danabol 5 mg is used throughout medical and also medical areas where it is crucial so that you can activate protein constructive metabolism, improve fat as well as the tone of muscle, improve bone tissue trophic.

Internal medicine: protein insufficiency syndromes, asthenia, a sense hunger, states associated with biological process attribute age group, convalescent, acute and long-term microbe bacterial contamination, brittle bones, or hypogonadal hipercorticosuprarenale affliction, hyperthyroidism, prolonged remedy with steroid, etc.. Surgical treatment: crack relief time period of time, pre-treatment as well as post-operatively throughout patients along together using poor common problem, melts away and also bedsores.  Unfavorable balance caused by corticoid therapy, aplastic anemia as well as hypo. In addition to handling tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, symptoms of allergies, hepatitis.


Sensitivity to the drug, cancer of the prostate, cancer of the breast in males, breast carcinoma in females with hypercalcemia, Icc, severe atherosclerosis, hepatic and also renal incapacity, severe and also long-term prostatitis, having a baby and also time period.

Directions To Use:

Grownups - beginning dose 10-20 mg / day. The maintenance dose is actually 5-10 milligrams/day time. The most serving - 50 mg/24 hrs.

Kids: up to 24 months - 0.04 milligrams / kilo, 2-6 many decades - 0.5 mg / kilo, 6-14 a long time - A single milligrams / kg throughout 1-2 separated doses. The cure - till 4 weeks. Repetitive program - over 6-8 days.

Length of Danabol (Methandienone)

The actual course starts off with methandrostenolone regarding 10 mg.

Following 2-3 days the particular dosage is actually increased to twenty mg per day, split into a couple of measures. On the same day, time starts using Nolvadex or Clomid. Nolvadex is actually taken in a serving of Ten milligrams daily at any time.2-3 nights later on it is possible to enhance the dose in order to be able for you to help Thirty milligrams, split into Three. Over the last few days slowly and gradually lessen the chances of dosage regarding methandrostenolone so that you can no.

Have to monitor hypertension. In case there is improving is essential to cut back the dose, or even begin obtaining associated with hypotensive drugs (Vasotec, 5 milligrams).

Remember that getting steroid drugs needs to be arranged using the physician because of possible advisable limitations. For maximum effect and lower losing muscle tissue following a course is recommended to utilize sporting activities diet and also eating habits to get a group of muscle tissue. The capsules need to be swallowed entirely. Do not chew up, crack or even crush the actual capsules since this may destroy the actual defensive effect from the alimentary canal covering.

Side effects  and also special precautions:

In men: pathology may happen at the start of remedy, extended use can cause abstinence associated with gonad functions of spermatogenesis decrease and discontinuance regarding therapy can happen to diminish strength. Other side effects are usually gynecomastia as well as aged men can take place bigger prostate. Withinside prepubertal boys: bright sex improvement.

Throughout females: virilizing (expand of the voice - can be irreversible, hirsuteness - could be long term, especially right immediately soon just once therapy, male pattern baldness, enflamed clit, oligo-amenorrhea, metrorrhagia - by changing a section of androgens directly straight in estrogen, may cause proliferation endometrium, increased sexual desire, preventing take advantage of production).

Nerve reactions: cognitive content excitement, sleeping disorders, depression symptoms.

Gastrointestinal side effects: nausea, throwing up, diarrhea.

Doctor side effects: acne breakouts, specifically in ladies and prepubertal kids.

Metabolism: sugar threshold, boost Low-density lipids and reduce HDL, creatinine boost, from high doses, may appear electrolyte retention (salt, chloride, blood potassium, phosphorus, calcium).

From large dosages, happen to be documented:

- Weight gain, as a result of the biological process as well as sodium and also water retention;

- High blood pressure levels or perhaps difficult regarding pre-existing hypertension, as a result of retention of sodium and drinking h2o;

- Liver organ problems: increased conjugated hematoid, alkaline enzyme elevated, jaundice, cholestatic liver disease and very hardly ever, hepatic benign tumor, liver cancer.

Signs of overdosage and also particulars the remedy:

Situations associated with overdose don't have been documented.  Gastric lavage, compelled alkalic diuresis, refurbishment of smooth, electrolyte and also acidity balance, dialysis as well as supporting therapy is usually necessary.


12 as well as Fifty mg pills tender spot loaded directly straight in packs associated with 60.

Storage instructions:

Store below 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.


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