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Nandrolona F - Fenandrol 5 x 1ml amp (100 mg/ml)


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Each ml of NANDROLON F contains 100 mg of Nandrolone phenylpropionate .

Pharmacological classification:

A14A B01. Anabolic steroids.

Medicinal Motion:

Durabolin decanoate will be steroid ointment in line with the endocrine Nandrolone which is a endocrine found naturally inside human body, although throughout smaller quantities when compared to additional hormone growth  of your comparable class for instance androgenic hormone or testo-sterone. Structurally nandrolone is quite just like testosterone, even though it is lacking in any atom in the 19th placement (hence it's some various different name 19-nortestosterone). The actual ensuing construction can be a medicines which displays a lot weaker steroid hormone attributes compared to testosterone. Of primary attention is the fact nandrolone will not break down to some more powerful metabolite throughout steroid hormone target tissue. Additionally activate development of Genetics synthesis in the cell nucleus, Rna and also structural protein.

That encourages biological process processes as well as suppresses katabolic types. Cause improved muscle mass, decrease adipose tissue, increasing trophic tissue, accrued regarding calcium supplement in bones as well as retains salt and also drinking h2o in your body. Hematopoietic action is dependent upon expansion of erythropoietin functionality.

The Nandrolon Farrenheit is extremely much like Nandrolon D which became so popular. It's the Deca’s forerunner. The gap in among those a couple of mixtures will be the specific result they’re wearing the organism. Nandrolon Farreneheit contains Androlon, however in big difference associated with Deca, that isn’t decanoate, it is phenylpropionate, so the Nandrolon F includes a more lowered period of motion.

The Deca every week treatment it’s adequate, while Nandrolon Farreneheit requires a more regular usage. It's lively substance occurs quickly throughout blood and it keeps its impact for 2-3 nights. The particular athletes end up being obtain good results, use the Nandrolon Farrenheit shot at every three or even 2 days. The dosage may differ between 50-200 mg and then for any each week shot involving 150-600 mg.

That implies that Durabolin Phenylopropionate shops a lesser amount of normal mineral waters by the body processes compared to Nandrolone Decanoate.

Steroid profile:

Anabolic exercise - A 150 % with the androgenic hormone or testo-sterone

Androgenic action - 25% from the androgenic hormone or testo-sterone

Liver toxicity – reduced

The particular diagnosis time - around 1 . 5 years.

Pharmacological Outcomes:

Improved muscle tissue and also increased strength.

Huge boosts in fat by growing slim size which is actually attained mostly due to its nitrogen retention cap skills. For that reason can result in vast despite the fact that gradual boosts with inside muscle tissues and while that can cause size, coupled with increased bovine collagen functionality we experience a good accumulation with inside strength as well. Regarding the same importance otherwise increased may be the effect  Nandrolone has on the production of IGF 1, a very potent biological process hormonal in its own right of the peptide class. Whilst these types of potent organic process features are incredibly likely in the direction of creating bulk as well as improving durability these people show because of the action in order to be able for you to help readily promote a greater metabolism; this particular means we're able to create a larger, yet thinner and much more potent entire body;

Nandrolone F is renowned for creating high top good excellent pounds increases, nonetheless it has to be useful for A dozen weeks at a minimum.

Elimination of pain because of the improve regarding output of secretion (joint lubricant)

Strengthening of our your bone tissues

The increase RBC mass regarding bloodstream, leading to development regarding o2 transportation

Enhanced immune security (applicable even just in people with Helps)


Clinical studies demonstrate it to be efficient in treating anaemia, brittle bones plus some forms of pathological process which includes cancer of the breast, and also acts as a progestin-based contraceptive.


Like every anabolic steroids, should not be taken through individuals who have got: cancer of the prostate, breast cancer (both male or female), people who allergy symptoms in order to be able for you to help anabolic steroid drugs, people with cancer malignancy and also high amounts of calcium mineral, expecting.

Guidelines To be used:

The ideal serving associated with NPP is actually 300-500 mg weekly for guys and also 50-200 milligrams weekly for ladies, for any period of 6-8 months. It is vital to notice how the use of the medication just isn't intended for expecting or even nursing your baby, unless specifically determined by a doctor.

Cycle  of Nandrolone Farrenheit (Durabolin phenylpropionate)

These people accomplish achievement along together using 60 mg Durabolin Farrenheit /few days, 60 milligrams Androgenic hormone or testo-sterone Propionate every single Eight -Ten days, as well as 8-10 milligrams Winstrol/day, or even 10 milligrams Oxandrolone/day. Three or four evening intervals between your family member shots are to be witnessed. Many novice man users anecdotally statement utilizing 300-500mgs weekly from the ingredient for their very initial routine. Of course, these kinds of numbers may ascend extremely high with regards to the amount of encounter that the person has with anabolics. Females also are able to utilize nandrolone phenylpropionate, as the potential as well as potency with the virilizing results associated with the drug can be muted in the event that dosages are held reasonable. Amounts ranging from Fifty so that you can 200mgs weekly are already anecdotally reported, however these types of clearly will go greater.

Side effects :

Along side it results of Nandrolone Farrenheit are few. Bloating, hypertension, a good el-evated estrogen level, and also masculinisation signs and signs occur less usually with Nandrolone F than with Nandrolone N. Feminine athletes as a result get Nandrolone Farrenheit throughout each week time periods given that, because of its quick duration of effect, absolutely simply zero undesired power of steroid hormone takes place.

Nandrolone Farrenheit is one of the most dependable non-toxic given offering satisfactory outcomes. Durabolin F does not have any negative effect on the actual liver organ function so it can even be taken in situations associated with liver disease. Unwanted effects take place just throughout rare cases as well as in people who're very delicate. Virilization signs and signs in women for instance huskiness, deep tone of words, hirsutism, acne, and elevated libido are achievable yet occur simply rarely when sensible dosages tend to be taken with sensible times. Men usually experience no signs or indicators having Nandrolone Farrenheit. Considering that the relieve gonadotropins inside pituitary is inhibited , there exists a opportunity that the body's very individual androgen hormone or the male growth hormone production in the man sportsperson will probably be reduced once the compound is actually absorbed a prolonged time and withinside too much doses

Symptom of overdosage:

Instances regarding drug don't have already recently been recently noted.

Lavage, compelled alkaline diuresis, restoration of liquid, electrolyte and acidity balance, dialysis and also supportive therapy may be required.



Sol. Inj. 100 mg – 1ml N.5

Storage instructions:

Store below 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.

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