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Each tablets contains 50 mg Methenolonum

Each ml of drug contains 100 mg Methenolonum

Pharmacological classification:

ATC: A14A A04.

Pharmacological  Motion:

Primobol is definitely a special steroid, because it is mostly a great injectable model. The actual methenolon can be an Anabolic steroid. Enter in the particular nucleus and promote development of Genetic make-up activity, Ribonucleic acid and also structural protein. Accelerating cells taking in oxygen, oxidative phosphorylation and also ATP activity. Methenolone perfectly balances the particular androgen structure, while at the same moment, totally it is not at the mercy of aromatization, that has each good and bad side.

That encourages organic process techniques and also inhibits katabolic types. Cause improved muscles, lessen fat, enhancing trophic tissues, accumulated regarding calcium mineral in bone fragments and retains salt and water in the body. Hematopoietic actions is determined by expansion of erythropoietin activity. Steroid hormone action (moderate) may possibly give rise to the creation of secondary sex features of male type.

Injectable type of the medication, that is a great organic compound associated with methenolone (enanthate ester). Injectable type features a duration regarding motion (due to the gradual transition in the muscle tissue with the medicine inside blood), concerning two weeks. Through Primobol is comparable to Testosterone enanthate. The main downside of this type will be the agonizing of shots.

The oral form of methenolone throughout pills (methenolone acetate), includes a much smaller amount of the action . Primobol tablets use a higher price. A unique characteristic from the tablet type - no poisonous effects about the liver organ.

Pharmacological Outcomes:

The particular Primobol steroid tablets have a basic administration with inside the pre- competitions  durations, especially for females, as the salt kind doesn’t perfume directly straight in oexcess the extra estrogen and also doesn’t offer the normal mineral waters in affected person. A special level of superior associated with Primobol is the fact that is useful with regard to fat burning.

Anabolic  ointment drugs Account:

Organic process activity - 88% with the androgenic hormone or testosterone

Androgenic exercise - 44% of the testosterone (large)

Aromatization (transformation into estrogen) – missing.

Liver poisoning – reduced.

Path regarding administration – treatment and capsules.

Duration associated with action – 4-6 hours throughout tablets: 10-14 times throughout injection.

The actual detection period – 4-5 days.


Protein activity disorders, wasting of numerous generation, stress, extensive melts away, contagious conditions and following irradiation, muscular dystrophy, weak bones, unfavorable nitrogen balance corticosteroid treatment, aplastic as well as hypoanaemia.


Personal hypersensitivity for the medication, with the prostate gland or perhaps cancer of the breast, prostatic hypertrophy having the signs of urinary problems, syndrome or the nephrotic phase associated with nephritis, edema, hypercalcemia, hepatic malfunction, diabetes, and also heart disease, myocardial infarct in anamnesis, vascular disease throughout old guys, being pregnant and lactation.

Instructions for use:

Efficient dose: (men) 50-100 mg/day; (Women) 10-25 mg/day. Effective dosage (injectable): (Men) 350-600 mg/week; (Females) 100 mg/week

Methenolone enanthate (primobolan ) can be a shot medicine, it's utilization is superior to the actual  types regard to financial causes. Primobol depot intramuscular injection, right away gets into the bloodstream as well as prevents hence the actual destruction with the lean meats. In line with the time period from the medication (5-7 days), we are able to suggest a every week injection. The usual serving, because has been mentioned above, is 400-600 mg per week, although the greatest results are possible by helping the serving to 1 g weekly (if you're able to manage it).

Methenolone salt is available because pills and his bioavailability is very low in purchase to accomplish noticable impact , everyday dosage really mustn't be under 100-150 milligrams

Primobol (Methenolone)  cycle:

Because Primobol is an extremely weak steroid many guys may always require withinside a lot, to actually use whatever result. Lots of men who make use of Primobol tend to be very unhappy simply because they didn’t use enough. Additional, men who take mouth Primobol in many cases are still quit a lot, since it requires a straight greater amount of the particular mouth model so that you can reap exactly the identical advantages since the injectable version. Most guys will see 500 mg each week being the necessary serving to truly see any positive results also , since of their gentle dynamics 2 months of use would be the minimum with 12 weeks becoming for further optimum.

Side effects:

Total, Primobol is in fact regarded as being among the most dependable steroid drugs obtainable. Steroid beginners, older players or people responsive to unwanted effects would certainly unquestionably find it a really positive medicine to utilize. A couple of recurring androgenic outcomes such as slimy skin color, acne breakouts, elevated facial/body hair growth or a great aggravation of male pattern baldness problem.

Symptoms of overdosage:

Cases of o.d. would not have also ended up noted.

Gastric lavage, forced alkalic diuresis, restoration regarding fluid, electrolyte as well as chemical p equilibrium, dialysis and supportive remedy are usually necesary.

Colloidal solution. Inj. 100mg/ml – 1ml directly straight in packs of N.5

Capsules 60 mg N20x3

Storage instructions:

Store below 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.

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