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IGTROPIN 0.1mg 10vial

10 x 0.1mg
IGTROPIN's main purpose is to increase the biological activity of IGF. In muscle tissue, it makes the muscle more sensitive to insulin's effects, such as a reduction in fat storage.more



IGTROPIN LR3 is a form of IGF that has been chemically altered with changed amino acids. Its main purpose is to increase the biological activity of IGF. In muscle tissue, it makes the muscle more sensitive to insulin's effects, such as a reduction in fat storage. But while IGTROPIN LR3 helps fat reduction, a person using it will experience weight gain because of the increase in pure-muscle weight.


  • Accelerate the pace at which glucose is transported within your body.
  • Slow down the rate at which proteins are degraded.
  • Relives depression from your body.
  • Ensure that protein synthesis within your body is higher.
  • Increases your ability to endure and perform great tasks.
  • Increases the rate at which RNA is synthesized within your body.


The dosage of IGF1 -1LR3 varies among individuals because of the different individual needs. For best results, IGF1 -1LR3 is usually offered in controlled doses. Once a day, around 10 mcg and 50 mcg.

Steps for Mixing

You can use bacteriostatic water or sterile water.

  • Take the lids off both your water and IGF-1 LR3 containers.
  • Use a fresh alcohol swab to clean the area of injection and the rubber stopper of your IGF-1 LR3 bottle and the top of the water vial and allow each to air dry.
  • Fill the insulin syringe with 2 ml water and slowly and carefully inject the syringe of water into the 1 mg bottle of IGF-1 LR3 being careful to spray the water onto the sides of the container rather than directly into the powder.


Best product I’m buying again
I'm going to go ahead and give it five stars because I've read the pharmacology on it through the actual manufacturers website and it seems to be far better than hgh. Not only for healing fractured bones extremely quickly and helping children that have problems growing but it seems to help with longevity general well-being and a better quality of life. This comes directly from the manufacturers site so they're going to talk well about themselves of course but reading all the pharmacology it just seems like a much better product than human growth hormone. I just received 20 vials a few days ago. I am going to start my first injection in the morning and we'll go from there I know you have to do two injections a day once in the morning and once in the evening but I read about every medication that I do extremely carefully so I will let everyone know what I think about it 6 months from now or whatever. I'm really hoping that it is better than HGH I hope it does give me a feeling of well-being and a sense of longevity. I believe the depression medication that they give people these days are running everybody's lives. But everybody's afraid to taking injections are used testosterone or steroids. They hear the word steroid and automatically think horrible things which they absolutely have no idea what they're talking about because they got their news from some jerk off it doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. I'm 52 years old and if I did not take testosterone I would feel like complete crap. Even when I'm not on a cycle I still use it in lower doses. It keeps it up men don't realize you don't need a little blue pill if you are taking testosterone injections. I feel good about it because I've read every single word the tests that were done everything it just seems like a fountain of youth almost but we will see the price is definitely very good. I'm actually excited about trying it in the morning. I've actually been using HGH for almost a year and a half now I took a break and then I started noticing I just wasn't feeling right I didn't have the energy that I did before and I felt a little depression so hopefully this will take care of that problem. And I love my tren e, test e, danabol, clen inject. Trenbolon bodypharm I really love this stuff I know I'm supposed to be commenting on the igotroping but it really makes me feel good and it doesn't hurt it's not painful and it really gives you the energy. I actually need to order a couple more in the morning. I just take 200 mg every week. And I can pretty much immediately feel the rush. It's been a bad depressing year for everyone I believe I think everybody should start taking steroids and start feeling better. Anyway that's what my plans are bigger better stronger smarter than everyone else.