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Active substance: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Unit: 5 x 1ml amp (100mg/ml)

60.00 USD
75 USD

Bulk price:

Quantity: 10+ 20+ 30+
Rate: 58.00 USD 55.00 USD 53.00 USD



Each ml of Parabolan contains 100mg Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

Pharmacological classification:

A14AB. Anabolic steroids.

Medicinal action:

Trenbolone is a anabolic steroid ointment drug; that means the actual testosterone molecule continues to be functionally altered in the 19th position and supplies a good biological process and also androgenic impact very in contrast to any other. Because simply by simply its character Trenbolone is Five hundred times as organic process and also Five-hundred occasions as androgenic because testosterone. Trenbolone is definitely a potent  course  steroid and therefore it might be effective simply by simply positively joining to the androgenic hormone receptor. The particular genetic makeup regarding Trenbolone makes it an offshoot regarding Durabolin with 2 additional CO2 provides at placement C9 and also C11.

Parabolan is probably the best effective biological process substances, promoting necessary proteins synthesis, as well as creating a positive balance. It is really an hunger stimulant and improves the particular transformation of protein. In lab checks, it is often indicated that Trenbolone boosts proteins and also decreases fats deposit. It's been shown to be an excellent item for marketing dimensions and also power in the presence regarding adequate proteins and also energy, encourages entire physique muscle creating techniques, and can invert catabolism.

Parabolan is also a extremely effective steroid hormone  without any steroid hormone properties which usually much surpasses those of Nandrolone, in order to see why this kind of medication is so tasting among sportmen.

Medicines User report :

Organic process activity – 500 % with  testosterone

Androgenic  exercise - 500% with the testosterone

Way of administration  – Intramuscular injection.

Duration regarding action – 2-3 days

The actual diagnosis moment – Five weeks

Pharmacological Results:

The advantages of Trenbolone use are really excellent as well as great; there is certainly  simply zero anabolic steroid ointment drugs that may supply this kind of benefits to this type of large diploma, especially when coupled with androgen hormone or the male growth hormone, which can be extremely important whenever Trenbolone is being employed.

Trenbolone is definitely a strong androgenic hormone with robust anabolic activity. It is really suitable for the particular quick accumulation regarding strength and also muscle tissue, usually supplying the person excellent leads to a comparatively small amount  period of time. The organic process effect of this medication is usually when compared with popular bulking real estate providers such as Androgen hormone or the male growth hormone or perhaps Danabol, with 1 very important distinction. Trenbolone will not convert to estrogen.

Parabolan steroid provides a flux regarding strenght, which can be highly obvious in conjunction with Oxandrolon. As the Parabolan doesn’t support the drinking  H2O with inside the organism, there's no sudden rise in weight, and it's also notable the actual qualitative increase associated with muscle tissue volume. Very successful will be the combination of Parabolan along together using injectable Winstrol, which provides a qualitative muscle mass by having an remarkable increase regarding power.

To state that very plainly: Parbolan may be the number 1 opposition medicines. When a low fat content continues to be attained with a low-calorie diet, Parabolan provides dramatic boost in muscle mass solidity. In conjunction with any protein-rich diet plan it becomes especially successful in this period because Parabolan increases your metabolism and also accelerates the particular using up associated with fats. High quality steroid hormone result prevents any problem overtraining symptoms, accelerates the regrowth, and provide the particular muscle groups a complete, general disease appearance yet, simultaneously, the cut and sliced appear.


Parabolan which cure with primarily anabolic action may be used as a possible adjuvant inside management of complex problems caused by necessary health proteins, metabolism  having negative nitrogen balance (insufficient ingestion, elevated needs or losses): cachexia of numerous genesis, considerable uses up, the particular prolonged administration of glucocorticoids; hypo-and aplastic anaemia, muscle wither up throughout patients having supports osteoporosis.

Contra- indications:

Hypersensitivity for the medicine, most cancers and also tumour regarding prostate gland, breast cancers, busts cancer in women having hypercalcemia, gonad cancer, serious atherosclerosis, nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, hepatic and kidney incapacity, severe as well as persistent inflammation, having a baby.

Guidelines for use:

The particular beginners of anabolic steroid ointment drugs remedy should not use the actual Parabolan. This is also true throughout woman circumstance.

The particular advised dose regarding Trenbolone salt is actually 37.5-75.0 milligrams per day  however a few athletes use Trenbolone with inside amounts associated with One hundred mg daily.

Course of Parabolan (Trenbolone) :

For  8 weeks of Trenbolone  use could be the normal array, having  12 days becoming the maximum however only with veteran people who know how their body reacts. While the dosing may vary the majority  will find  50mg almost daily through the anabolic steroid drugs use , being perfect and frequently  they’ll actually need to go. Whilst 50mg every second day is extremely frequent tend to be the particular safest wager if the hormone is employed 100mg almost daily is rather frequent with inside muscle building sectors with 100mg everyday becoming the actual max employed however normally restricted to the finish of a tournament preparation routine.

Weekly serving regarding  200 mg is easily the most well-liked variety whenever owning a period. Whilst Trenbolone is quite potent when used by itself, it absolutely was typically combined with other steroids to have an even greater result. Throughout a reducing period you could give a non-aromatizing anabolic for instance Winstrol or perhaps Primobolan. This kind will bring about a larger level density and also solidity for the muscle tissue.

 Side effects:

The Parabolan isn’t an anabolic steroid ointment drugs with regard to long term management since it is dangerous. The time regarding treatment must be limited by 2 months. Was identified that the Parabolan has a damaging effect around the kidney, first of all, then around the liver organ. The sportsperson which manage this throughout huge amounts inform in regards to a dark colour of the actual urine. In extreme cases these people observe blood vessels with inside the pee. Because Parabolan doesn’t maintain water and also salt in the patient, the blood vessel tension is hardly ever seen.

Trenbolone unwanted effects consist of annoyed pores and epidermis , hives, slimy pores and epidermis, puffiness and itching, some users even knowledge a yellow tinge to their skin. You may also expect you'll knowledge elevated new growth of hair, and your resting habits annoyed, where one can experience vivid dreams and sweating. Some users feel the famous "tren cough” this is really because of the benzyl radical alcoholic beverages utilized as well as your entire physique hoping to get eliminate it via the lung area that may become extremely dangerous. A higher level regarding blood pressure level to expect plus uncommon situations coronary disease might be a problem. People additionally record not being able to perform endurance workout routines while on Trenbolone so this can make it extremely undesirable for many sports sportsmen.

Signs of overdosage:

Cases associated with overdose would not have already recently been recently noted.

Gastric lavage, compelled alkaline diuresis, repair of liquid, electrolyte as well as chemical p balance, chemical analysis as well as supportive remedy are usually necesary.


Sol. Inj. 100 mg – 1ml N.5

Storage instructions:

Store below 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.

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