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Primobol Tablets

Primobol Tablets

Active substance: Methenolone Acetate
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Unit: 60 tabs (50 mg/tab)

160.00 USD
178 USD


Oil Solution InjectionTablets


Each tablet contains 50 mg Methenolonum

Each ml of drug contains 100 mg Methenolonum

Pharmacological classification:

ATC: A14A A04.

Medicinal action:

Primobol is definitely a distinctive medicines, since it is mostly of  that comes in equally an oral along with an injectable version. The methenolone can be an Steroid ointment. Enter in the actual karyon and also stimulate expansion of Genetics synthesis, Rna and architectural proteins. Intensifying tissue breathing, oxidative phosphorylation and ATP activity.  Methenolone well balances the particular androgen structure, while at the same time, completely it is not susceptible to aromatization, which has equally positive and negative sides. About the optimistic part we should contain no excess bloating as well as body excess extra weight depositing throughout methenolone, unfavorable - less strong result.

This induces organic process processes and inhibits catabolic types. Lead to increased muscle tissue, lessen adipose tissue, enhancing organic process tissues, gathered associated with calcium withinside bones as well as keeps sodium and also normal mineral waters in the body. Haematopoietic action depends upon growth of erythropoietin functionality. Androgenic motion (average) may possibly bring about the development of secondary  sexual  characteristics associated with male type.

Injectable kind of the drug, which is a great organic compound regarding methenolone (enanthate ester). Injectable type features a period regarding action (due to the gradual transition from the muscle tissue with the medication in the blood), concerning a couple weeks. Through Primobol is similar to Androgen hormone or the male growth hormone enanthate. The primary disadvantage of this kind is the agonizing regarding injections.

The actual oral form of methenolone throughout tablets (methenolone acetate), features a much smaller period of the actual actions. An exceptional characteristic from the capsule form - absolutely simply zeroes poisonous outcomes on the liver, in contrast to almost every other forms of oral given.

Pharmacological  Results:

The particular Primobol steroid supplements use a basic government withinside the pre- contests periods, specifically for females, as the acetate form doesn’t aromatize in to excess the extra estrogen and doesn’t support the water throughout organism. A unique high top good excellent of Primobol is the fact is advantageous with regard to fat reducing.

Steroid Profile:

Anabolic activity - Eighty-eight from the testosterone

Androgenic action - Forty-four with the androgen hormone or the male growth hormone (higher)

Aromatization (conversion into estrogen) – absent.

Liver organ toxicity – reduced.

Duration of action – 4-6 several a long time in capsules: 10-14 nights throughout injection.

The recognition moment – 4-5 days.


Protein synthesis issues, cachexia of numerous genesis, trauma, extensive uses up, contagious diseases and following condition, muscular dystrophy, brittle bones, damaging balance adrenal cortical steroid treatment, aplastic as well as hypo anemia.


Personal predisposition to the drug, with the prostate or cancer of the breast, prostate hypertrophy along together using the signs of the urinary system disorders, syndrome or even the nephrotic phase of nephritis, edema, hypercalcaemia, hepatic disorder, diabetes, and also coronary heart disease, MI withinside medical history, coronary artery disease throughout more mature men, pregnancy and also time period.

Instructions for use:

Effective dose(oral): (Men) 50-100 mg/day; (Ladies) 10-25 mg/day Effective dosage (injectable): (Guys) 350-600 mg/week; (Women) 100 mg/week

Methenolone enanthate (primobolan depot) is definitely an treatment medication, the usage is superior to the actual dental versions at least regarding financial reasons. Primobol depot intramuscular injection, meaning instantly gets into the blood stream as well as avoids therefore the particular devastation with the liver. In line with the half life of the drug (5-7 days), we are able to suggest the weekly treatment. The usual dose, since has been mentioned above, is actually 400-600 mg each week, although the best results may be accomplished simply by simply helping the dosage to at least 1 g weekly (if you're able to pay for it).

Methenolone ethanoate can be acquired since pills and the bioavailability is very low in buy to accomplish obvious impact everyday dose really mustn't be less than 100-150 mg (A few experts suggest even 200-300 milligrams, that we think will be nearer to the truth).

Span of Primobol (Methenolone)

Because Primobol is a very vulnerable anabolic steroid ointment drugs many guys will certainly always have to take withinside quite a bit to actually see any effect. A lot of men that use Primobol in many cases are very let down simply because they didn’t use adequate. More, males taking oral Primobol tend to be still quit a lot more disappointed because it takes a level greater level of the particular mouth model so that you can enjoy the same rewards because the injectable model. Many men will see 500mg per week to be the necessary dosage to seriously see any positive results and because of its mild nature 2 months of usage would be the minimal with 12 days getting for additional ideal.

Unwanted effects  and Unique Safeguards:

Overall, Primobol is in fact considered to be one of many most secure steroid drugs accessible. Steroid novices, more mature players or perhaps those sensitive to unwanted effects would certainly without doubt believe it is a really positive drug to make use of. A couple of recurring steroid outcomes for example oily skin color, zits, elevated facial/body new growth of hair or perhaps an stress associated with hair loss condition.

Recognized  signs of oversdosage

Situations of o.d. do not have already recently been recently documented.  Gastric lavage, compelled alkaline symptom, restoration associated with fluid, solution and chemical p balance, dialysis as well as supportive treatment are usually necesary.



Sol. Inj. 100mg/ml – 1ml into packs of N.5

Tablets 50 mg N20x3

Storage instructions:

Store below 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.

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