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SP Gonadotropin 1000

1 vial 1000 IU
This compound is used in bodybuilding and among athletes either as a secondary product together with anabolic steroids in order to reduce testosterone suppression either in a post cycle therapy for recovery improvement.more

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Active substance: Human chorionic gonadotropin

Product name: Gonadotrop, Gonadotropin, HCG

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone found in pregnant women in the first phases of pregnancy. This hormone is used usually to treat cryptorchidism, infertility in women, low levels of testosterone and to increase weight loss.

This compound is used in bodybuilding and among athletes either as a secondary product together with anabolic steroids to reduce testosterone suppression either in a post cycle therapy for recovery improvement.

It is well-known that due to the use of anabolic steroids, natural testosterone levels are reduced. The percentage of natural hormones` suppression is commonly pretty high. After ending the cycle, testosterone`s production will restart, but it can take a lot of time until it will get back to its normal levels. And this is why bodybuilders use HCG in a post cycle therapy – to speed up the recovery process as many have found that beginning the post cycle therapy with it will improve the rate of recovery as compared to using Tamoxifen or Clomed.

The second way of using it is to take it during the cycle together with anabolic steroids. By the addition of HCG during the cycle, the user can control testosterone levels and at the end of the cycle, the recovery is way easier. The problem when using this method is that occurs a very huge probability to get dependent on HCG for its Luteinizing Hormone needs. This is why its use during a cycle should be kept under strict control and if used correctly it will help the user achieve nice results.

Side effects: gynecomastia, water retention, accelerated hair loss, addiction


1) using HCG during the cycle → 250iu every 4-5 days

2) using HCG in Post Cycle Therapy:

- 1,500-4,000 IU every 3-4 days for 2-3 weeks, then start SERM therapy.

- 500-1,000 IU daily for 10 days, then start SERM therapy.

3) for ovarian stimulation (fertility aid) HCG is administered at a precise point during the menstrual cycle at a dose of 5,000-10,000 IU.

Pregnancy test was positive with this product
Thank you. I will be back for more.
Good product. Good for PCT
Muy buen formato para usarlo intra-ciclo, como en mi caso a razón de 500IU semanales, al ser 1000iu es la cantidad perefecta para no tener una ampolla de 5000iu mucho tiempo recompuesta.
Despuçes de unas semanas de uso, muy bueno nada de atrofia intraciclo.
This works well. I used 1,000 mg E.O.D. for 8 days, then 500 mg, E.O.D. for 8 more days, as my post cycle therapy. Good stuff, make sure you buy enough though.
Great price for the money
Mi HCG favorito, llevo muchos viales comprados a estos chicos y todo perfecto siempre. En especial para usarlo intraciclo
It does the job and is a great bargain for the price. Also, the 1,000 mg per vial is much more convenient than 5,000 mg vials.
Strong and effective post cycle
Worked well during.pct. will buy this again
El único fallo que le veo es el sistema del tapón que usa SP en sus viales pequeños, no permite extraer la totalidad del líquido con agujas pequeñas, lo cual hay que usar al menos una verde intramuscular para ello, en cualquier caso, para un uso intra-ciclo es idónea al no tener demasiado tiempo el compuesto reconstruido. Para mi gusto mejor que las versiones de 5000IU
This is a must have. Keeps the testicles turned on, which inhibits shrinkage and keeps cholesterol effects minimal. I use this 3x per week the entire cycle.
Ideal for weekly administration
Nice product haven't had the chance to use yet but will for pct.
It lasts for one or two weeks
Good, but the 5000 is better
Nothing to complain about
Keeps your gonadal-pituitary axis turned on. I use during cycle, not just PCT.

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