Buy Ultima-Clen 40mcg US online

Ultima-Clen 40mcg US

50 tabs (40mcg/tab)



Ultima-Clen 40mcg US by Ultima Pharmaceuticals with active substance Clenbuterol can be found on our website for sale online.


Excellent thermogenic cutting agent, very little side effects at all, at most a slight skin greasiness but that's common and minor. Genuine product, visible results in a short period. Use in conjunction with guidance from a seasoned user or reliable source. Balkan are a solid supplier. Buy with confidence.
Got a substitute salbutamol so can’t give a good review
My 3rd time buying. Effective, genuine, fast reliable shipping.
Very disappointing how down hill Ultima Pharmaceuticals company has went. They are sending people Subuterol and claiming it's Clen. Even worse is they put "Clen" on the box when it doesn't contain Clenbuterol, not to mention how they don't even have what they sent me on there website. The only reason they would do that is to deceive and scam their customers.
Don't look like how there's no label on any of there products. Just the box does other than that you can't tell the difference between any of there orals
Don't like how every pill they make looks exactly the same, with no writing on pill pak, be careful if you get multiple different products from them because they all look exactly the same.
Usually always come in good condition, but the last box I couldn't even push through the foil without it turning into powder. All of the pill crumbled and broke and were basically dust
Great brand, perfect size to break in half
Definitely works but is a product you need to be careful with if you are in a hot environment. Could run into hydration problems if you’re not careful.
Good brand, nice and big, eazy to break in half